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Wood burning stove for saunas

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People love baths and saunas for a long time. 1st building in which it was possible to warm up and to wash, to build the ancient Greeks and Romans. In those days, in the steam room the people rested, held meetings, to relieve stress and fatigue. But in Ancient Russia bath appeared many years later, though its meaning was similar.

to warm the air in the steam was used spec. furnaces for saunas and baths. Years later their construction was improved and changed. Modern technologies allow to create different electric furnace, but, as before, to heat up the steam room remain the best wood-fired oven. By the way, to buy firewood you can in the online store:

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Between bath and sauna there are a few differences in their immediate effects on the human body. So, for example, in the sauna dry air often heats up more than 100 0 C, which, in its turn, warms the room without creating a large load on the Airways and vessels.

For use in the steam room suitable Lubasha stove for baths that can heat and humidify the air indoors. It is best with this task spravlyayutsya furnace for Russian bath on firewood. For a long time the basis of the furnace design on the wood used the furnace, in which burned fuel and in order to increase heat on top of it and lay down the stones.

If high-quality warm-up oven-wood burning stove generate the required temperature for a long time, and that the bath couples have appeared on the hot stones just a little splash of water. In addition, you can add water a few drops of some aromatic oil, thereby creating an effect of aromatherapy.

Important points when you choose?

Today is the huge assortment of market offers wood burning stoves from different manufacturers. All ovens are different parameters and appearance. The owners of pair choose a wood stove from the calculation, the more room that necessary to heat the larger furnace is needed. So for a short time to provided heated and a large heat transfer. In addition, important elements of any furnace is its material and its design.

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