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What is keratoplasty

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Keratoplasty normal human eye is often called keratoplasty in most medical system naturesenno. With this quite unpleasant diseases like inflammation of the cornea or severe burns the eyes, the cornea is often a change in the donor graft. The operation is carried out surgically. A.
cornea can then be simply called the natural lens, because she essentially it plays prettywherein a major role in the entire system by the normal eye. We can also mention unimportant role in the formation of all the whole, while still visual image. Constant contact with the air is just for the simple reason that the cornea is on the outside of the eye and eyelids smeared its protective liquid, besides she presentsXia adequately protected from external inflammation. It is the location of the cornea often provides protection against eye injuries and even if seriously injured person, the cornea can greatly reduce the damage to the eye itself. Therefore trasplant should remain as natural as possible and transparent, with   this does not violate the vision. Complicatingvision may be damaged or haze, they can greatly complicate the formation of the visual image may appear glare and also   interference.
The very conventional corneal transplantation is often done in such deplorable cases where it simply loses its transparency, which is already NeboPossible return to the previous state, respectively, does not allow a person to see normally.
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