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The pros and cons of tankless water heater

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Every device has its own "+" and "-". Is, they also have a tankless electric water heater. But, it should be noted that "+" they have a lot more than "-".


"+" electric tankless water heater:

  • immediate delivery of hot water (30 - 120 seconds depending on the model), in contrast to a storage electric water heater that gives hot water only a few hours;
  • save elektroenergii (only hot water), storage water heaters use electricity and also to support its constant temperature;
  • Easy to ekspluatatsii. turn on in automatic mode when the valve opens and turns off by itself when the valve closes. The amount of hot water is not limited;
  • a water heater that does not need constant maintenance and care;
  • Compact size. The case of such a device in an 3015 see This means that you can install it anywhere;
  • the Price of this heater is much less than the water heater accumulative type; the Water heated by this device, does not lose its properties, because it is not stored in the tank for a long time. This means that it does not breed bacteria. Water does not deteriorate and is not stagnant, because tank in this water heater is simply no.

is"-" heaters flow type:

  • high consumption of electrical energy, as a result, the need for separate power cables or three-phase network.

Choose a tankless electric water heater

just before choosing an electric tankless water heater, you need to ask yourself this question: "what water source do you think to use it?".
It can be used:

  1. as the primary source of hot water. In this case, you must be able to connect the heater to the heating system of the house or apartment, as well as have sufficient electric power;
  2. as a temporary source of hot water for a specific period of time. For example, if you need repairs, perform a communications either you disabled centralized heat supply;
  3. as a backup or supplementary source of hot water in case of an emergency.

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