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The insulation of the facade: the main issues

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Before warm front, you need to decide which technology is right for You. Next, identify the goals You want to achieve with insulation. And, of course, hire professionals to perform these works. If it's an apartment in a high-rise building, you can use foam (the most affordable option for Finance). A private home it is best to insulate with cotton wool in slabs with a thickness of 10 cm Industrial premises, supermarkets, warehouses conveniently and reliably protected from atmospheric impact foam "Ayinin" (ventilated facade).

wooden houses do not recommend to insulate the facades. Because the tree has the waterproofing and not need it. The facade insulation is not carried out, when in the street minus temperature. Painting and decorating recommend it at a temperature of +5 degrees and above. And, of course, to comply with the technology of insulation. People often break them, and this affects the quality and durability of the fa?ade and does not give the expected results for the conservation of heat. By the way, if you are interested in more information you can read on the website:


will Not damage the insulation panel house?

Insulating material should be from the outside. Because it employs the laws of physics. For example, You get the pot from the fridge, it is cold and the air in the room much warmer. Condensation occurs on the vessel appear drops of water. Same with the wall - when she is without insulation, the cold, and the air in the room much warmer. On the wall condensation (deposited water droplets). Therefore, there is room in fungus and mold. When insulated wall inside the house, then You are isolating it from the heat. It gets even cooler, because under the foam formed in the mold. Therefore, the insulation needs to be only from outside that the wall was warm. The foam prevents cold or hot air, and the wall remains the same temperature, and the air in the room. Therefore, it is not condenseries water.


What material is best to insulate the house?

It depends on Finance. Can insulation foam. However, to choose higher quality. A very important element is the use of foam between the plates of foam around the perimeter to avoid cracks. Almost no one does, but it affects the quality of the insulation. The average cost of insulation together with materials worth 400 hryvnia in an apartment building. In a private house, the materials of the insulation should be individualized, and the cost of work - an average of 100 UAH per square meter.


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