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How to achieve a white smile?

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smile is the first thing that you notice all the people. And everyone wants their teeth looked perfect. Therefore a very popular procedure among many people has become teeth whitening. The doctors say that this method is useful and can significantly improve the condition of the teeth and protect against caries.

you can Whiten your teeth at home, but it takes a lot of time and often the result is hardly noticeable. However, it is possible to obtain the desired white and shining teeth by using a safe method of tooth whitening in the dental office. Believe me, the result will surprise You. By the way, if you are interested , the more information you will find on the website:

Whitening procedure is often not conducted in such cases:


  • When there is disease of the periodontal tissues (periodontal) dentist first has to translate the disease into remission or to cure it;
  • the
  • When a person is worried about dental damage to the teeth, it should also be disinfected;
  • the
  • Pregnancy;
  • the
  • Children who are not yet 16 years of age;
  • Persons who wear braces on teeth. Applying this procedure will lead to the fact that the whitening will be uneven; the

  • And those who wear artificial crowns or fillings on the front teeth. This can result in poor quality result of the procedure.

dentist highest category Vladimir Podlashuk convinced that the teeth were healthy and white, you should eat apples:

do Not get involved in this procedure, as it leads to hypersensitivity of the teeth. It is not worth doing more than once a year. It is also worth to say that whitening toothpastes have a negative impact on tooth enamel. Better to eat lots of green apples and then your teeth will be a natural color.



so, teeth whitening is the most common procedure in dentistry. In order to bring an excellent result, remember, first and foremost, it is important to consult with your doctor. So I wish you to always have a beautiful and healthy smile!

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