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How to play sports?

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Sports – our health. Few people know how to properly introduce yourself before and after workouts. We have already talked previously, and today we learn about how to make sports training is not only useful but also comfortable.

the Most important thing in sport is not just to encourage the man to exercise and change his lifestyle. Most coaches know people who before and after training to start Smoking, go to a disco, drink alcohol, and in the morning again for training. The main task of the trainers  - completely change the human consciousness to Wake up and think about your way of life. People changing, changing style of clothing, habits. People get rid of uncertainty and many complexes.


What clothes are best to wear for training?

it is best to choose quality sports clothing and footwear. Of course, it is not cheap, but it will help you save your health. By the way, I recommend you clothes from Adidas. information about her and all the products you find on the website:


What kind of exercises should apply to women who want to get back in shape after pregnancy?

to learn at home, but people find it very difficult to force yourself. Many people buy exercise equipment and use them as clothes hangers. Women who gave birth to the child, suggest 4 months (if no complications) just relax. Then you can safely come to the gym and do specially designed exercises.


What to do lean, that extra weight did not have, but want to give the athletic body shape?

In summer you can wear a tracksuit, go to the stadium or walk in the Park fast sports gait. If a person has problems with the spine is the best option, because you can not run, so as not to burden the spine and knee joints. If a person goes to the gym only once a week is better than never. Because then muscle memory kicks in. The man that something was physically done - always adapts faster than those that do not.


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