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When you need to buy a playpen

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Purchase necessary in any case, because it is your child is growing quite rapidly . On such weighty purchase often think young mothers who want to directly to smallw grew healthy and energiynim. But then you need to choose the arena, he's quite a lot of influence on the child in general.
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Security arena plays an important role, because it depends on the security can directly the life of your baby. Stability lanevy criterion to evaluate as closely as possible. The role played by the weight, because the arena can swing the game turned, it did not happen to need to check whether he had a normal weight. The mesh should beat smooth as possible and does not cut the small children's hands, and it is necessary that the bolts were not, because the child may get injured.
Step 2
The coating also the subject on which you need to pay quite a lot of attention. It's a little kid and you need to select the most comfortable conditions for Memory Games, because they know the world playing. There are two basic coverage is oilcloth and also fabric. The fabric can be attributed to reliable, but you can request an oilcloththen the memory.
Step 3
Size matters, too, because the kid to play you need to have a lot of space. Color, that's what also affects the psyche of the child, colors must beat calm, pale colors, it can cause permanent excited state kid. &Nbsp;
Step 4
It may be noted compactness, because it may happen that you   will need to go to, say, a visit, a playpen, which can be folded up and taken with you in the car.
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