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What are the methods of correction of nasolabial folds

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to Avoid the formation of creases bounding the nasolabial triangle on the face (which connect the corners of the lips and wings of nose) is unrealistic. With the years this cosmetic defect gives the face a senile expression, and become more and more visible. How to remove the nasolabial folds and at least get rid of veselnyh symptoms of aging?

the basis of their formation is the reduction of hyaluronic acid in the skin and tissues, which gives the tissue turgor and keeps the water, as well as the degradation of collagen and elastin fibers, the result becomes a reduction in the density, elasticity and tension of the tissues. Similar changes were taking place in the human body of age-related processes.


In depth and earlier appearance of nasolabial folds is affected by:

  • irregular skin care of the face;
  • the external environment;
  • increased tone of the facial muscles;
  • the incorrect way of eating and living;
  • habits;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • diseases of the internal organs, etc.

to Push back the appearance of age-related changes to help: eliminating or reducing the influence of negative factors, exercises for facial muscles, the use of modern cosmetics and hardware techniques for skin care and massages, but it does not remove deep nasolabial folds.

In cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, for this purpose, developed and successfully used a great number of drugs and techniques. Their common principle is to fill the defect sites, in order to add them volume, change in muscle tone and / or tighten the skin. Than earlier you start , the more effective it will be, and the results persist for longer.


Main methods of correction of nasolabial folds:

  • Contour;
  • Mesotherapy;
  • Lipofilling;
  • Surgical correction;
  • Injections of botulinum toxin preparations.   

Which method of correction of nasolabial folds abundantly?

Today, with the aim of correction of deep nasolabial folds, cosmetic practice prefer absorbable hyaluronic acid. These fillers evenly and well distributed, while pushing out deep creases. Due to stimulation of fibroblasts, the ability to retain water molecules, improving metabolism and other properties, they stimulate the processes of Samoobrona and contribute to the restoration of the original tissue volume.

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