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Yak know Chi - gliste from the person?

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“you Have gliste!” - Perche, scho lately you can pochuti navti on Priam have genekologa. Lcar, only glancing at pacta, Wipeout pathlist preparati.

the Struggle for organza is cleansed from parasits da mlann of pribytki Tim, hto viable TAC preparati. Ale Chi pokerusa after such treatment health protection lyudin? Sproblem z asuvate TSE further I respost us about TSE editor of the site, on yakomu wee can sniti korisno npharmacy about the digestive tract I zacharovanna h treatment.


Parasites always Buli our sputnikami - seem I got 99 percent of people. So, gliste in orgasm - TSE?

Parasites, we can say, obladaut lyudin. The stench harchuyutsya our Jew, and we zalyshyty nedotko. Moreover, truuuth organsm products so environmentally friendly technology. Parasites - nebezpecne Susi, od yakih treba poslastica.


Yak know, Chi , in organsm parasites? TSE yakos seen shown?

Whether the Yak gastroenterologica zacharovanna - Osaka, scho you gliste. Gastritis, Virsky, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, colt, dysbacteriosis - the reason of CIR hvorob 70 datkah most cases ye same parasites. Oznakoyu nayavnost GList mozhut Buti temn of smugi pid ochima (especially the kids), after hronca intoxicate poruchu robot of sudnikovich sales. Sche ODN simptomi glista - dystonia on hotanna type: person Mlawa, zasilana. And also grativo also be undertaken, after toxin rainout nervou system. Finally, parts of the head BL, postin bronchi takozh mozhut swit about NavNet parasita.

Gliste mozhut vilicity I paradione “besprechen” paviment temperature, navti bootie cause bespla (ascaride). From the 1970s the rocky Bulo held dozen on the Mish, yakih was Godavari extract s of Ascaris. Sams after stavan bespltnye and females on RSNA stages watnot came vicidn I saviranna.

at A time in Clubbing oftin Sargent population of parasites becoming 50 percent. We, zgidno s oftiny statistics, only 5 %. Of course not “champion”, we just have taqiy riven dagnostika.


a Yak of viviti gliste? That anali need state?

Two Neapolitans laboratory the method Dolce crow and feces. Will tochnym it is believed viyavlennya anticl in crow (so munna system reagu on toxin parasits). However, such dagnostika road. Besides now known that 150 vidv parazitu I spend dozen on VSI ViDi practical niemozliwa.

Tradicin dagnostika by feces in our umovah malopodatliva s click reasons. Firstly, viviti parazitu possible only when teratoma saber material - every week. TSE POV this s Tim scho mayut gliste svo? fazi development. Well stink not mozhut postijno declarati eiza... Has one caveat - the material is guilty of primati not pant and fahiz. We have about Taku practice navti not getma axis I mamo 5 percent positanos.


live De gliste organsm in person?

In the intestine - Nile localsize parazitu (ascarids, Volkogonov, gastric, cirkovogo wprice, bichacho I Svyatogo CP ACV), nevertheless some of them mozhut mgrowth. For example, ascaride spochatku potreplyut in slonok, ski s flow crew - Penco ABO legen, de rozvivayutsya three tiin. After chogo, the parasite znovu purple in slonok ABO intestines, Mauger de razvivatsa from rock to two, dogauchi to Domino 20-40 centimeters. Duzhe often children stradaut from posting brancht I of pneumonia, and treatment is not da the effect. And all because, that h bronchi live ascaride... Buuut wypadki scho Ascaris from slonca pulse stravanada up, man I can just zadohnutsya.

Gastrici localsource to sagniaw prohod, Velikaya swerve. However at zhinok stink mozhut I live in statevich bodies. Will uglublennim mstem cotaco Fluke pencolor of sauna ) , a pechenka pdsolve of salaza (skamo, one Kotecha Fluke can live there push stroke 20 years). And, for example, knock Mauger “olitica” in the m language, cstca, tsp yaki - naut in Moskou. The light can LocalService Ledeneva Fluke, m the language that NSA tkaninach - trihalo, shistosoma, fler, Toxocara. Wide stojak Givet in the bowels of a person of a rocky, distauce to 22 (!) Meters. VIN duzhe poglina Patran vtamin B12 I perform to Anem.

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