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Cancer treatment in Israel

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Israel invests a lot of money in the acquisition, development, and also development of the new equipment for treatment and diagnostics of oncological diseases: neuronavigation systems, apparatus, PET-CT and linear accelerators. Now for cancer treatment in Israel apply the following innovative methods: radiosurgery, biological and immune therapy, and targeted therapy. 1 of the best clinics in Israel for the treatment of cancer is the hospital "Assuta", which carried out the operation and diagnosis of the best oncologists in the country. Why is considered the standard therapy for cancer diseases you can protat on the website


"+" cancer treatment in Israel:

  • medical knowledge. Oncologists in Israel are trained in the best cancer clinics in the world, possess the most advanced methods of treatment and diagnosis of cancer, and do develop these methods;
  • Early diagnosis. Israel actively sponsiruet various national programmes for the diagnosis of the most common cancers (colon, prostate, breast, etc.). That is why the methods of early diagnostics of Oncology in this country developed much better than in other States;
  • a Wide range of different laboratory studies. In Israel for cancer diagnosis using different diagnostic methods: cytological and histological examination, blood tests with huge number of records and etc., which provide the ability to obtain the max amount of information about the tumor itself, as well as pick up individual treatment;
  • Latest technology. Israel is a country of high technology: here develop and implement the new equipment for treatment and diagnostics of oncological diseases (computer and emission-positron tomographs, devices for MRI with very high resolution is able to accurately localize the location of the cancer). With the help of advanced scanners have the ability to create highly accurate 3D model of a cancerous tumor to radiotherapy. The latest linear accelerators (e.g., Novalis), provide an opportunity to precisely irradiate the tumor without harming healthy tissue;
  • Sadasya treatments. Task of treatment of cancer is not only the elimination of cancer by any means, but still maintaining a high quality of life of cancer patients. To do this in Israel use of organ-preserving and minimally invasive surgery.

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