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What is health insurance

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Health insurance – a service that covers our expenses for treatment and medical facilities. To have the status of Insured person is first of all to have financial protection from unforeseen medical expenses.

  • Whatever the disease, but it certainly never included in our plans. The occurrence of acute exacerbation of a chronic disease or health problems in accident cases are often unplanned burden on our budget. The presence of voluntary health insurance policy allows you to have confidence that health problems will be solved regardless of current financial condition;
  • Each of us are competent in their field. Lacking medical knowledge, it is hard to judge the quality and appropriateness of services provided by the medical establishment. The insurance company conducts ongoing selection, monitoring and control of services provided by health care institutions, etcbecause it has a direct interest in prompt and effective treatment of their clients;
  • If you want to get professional, timely care and service, while voluntary medical insurance programs are the most effective and best solution to this issue;
  • Medical insurance is a flexible tool that allows you to create an insurance program tailored exactly to your wishes and needs.

How does medical insurance?

the Mechanism of medical insurance system is very simple. Voluntary medical insurance is a form of social solidarity. The point, which is that the Insured person receives medical care in cases and amounts determined by the insurance contract, the paid insurance payment. The excess of the cost of medical services on the insured's contributions possible due to the fact that one of the Insured person, the insured event on the program of DMS occurred several times a year. And someone year was more successful and better health, and he has not used his insurance policy.

In practice, this means that a person is once out of his own purse to pay a certain amount in the future all questions regarding cost of treatment within the insurance sum under the Contract – it will be questions of the insurance company.
In case of illness, the Insured person is not left alone with their problems. It is enough to contact the insurance company that will organize the process of treatment, and to carry out this process is closely monitored. It was the insurer concerned, that the patient was referred at that medical facility where his problem will be adequately addressed to the treatment was effectively and quickly. Otherwise, if the disease is not completely cured, for the insurance company so again in the future will be expenditure.

And the ability to organize medical assistance to the Insured person, and even to control this process the insurers are:

  • Contractual relations with medical institutions;
  • the Presence Advisory dispetcherskogo center, where the clock may appeal the insured person;
  • the Availability of professionals able to speak the same language with your staff and thus fully control the process of treatment.

Types of optional services within the LCA:

  • the Policy of voluntary medical insurance in the company «CROWN» provides high-quality medical services: ambulance and emergency care, outpatient services, hospitalization, dental care;
  • Insured through round-the-clock dispatch center of the insurance company may make an appointment to see the doctor;
  • the Insured may choose which institution it is more convenient to be treated is limited only by the list of agencies prescribed in the insurance contract;
  • the Ability to call a doctor to the residence address;
  • Family medical insurance, including insurance services children's health;
  • Services for emergency hospitalization in case of risk to the insured.

Types of care:

  • treatment;
  • auto;
  • Advisory;
  • rehabilitation;
  • health;
  • preventive care.

the Policy of voluntary medical insurance is:

  • round-the-Clock information and consulting support to health care throughout Ukraine's own call-center;
  • medical care in more than 2000 medical institutions - partners throughout Ukraine, including state, municipal, departmental and commercial institutions;
  • Receiving from a competent doctor without aggravating records and prior consultation with a family therapist at a convenient day and time;
  • the cost Savings of personal time, reducing the time of receiving medical services in a planned manner - up to 1 day;
  • Calculation of all necessary medical expenses within the selected client insurance programs is carried out directly by the insurance company medical institution;
  • Transportation (medical evacuation) from any town of Ukraine - upon the occurrence of the insured event outside of Kiev or another city.

the benefits of LCA in the UK “CROWN”:

  1. Flexibility and lack of templates. The insurance program is developed to fit the needs of each client, taking into account the needs, wishes, location, type of activity, and the like;
  2. We guarantee the execution of obligations to the client under the terms of the insurance Contract;
  3. We constantly monitor the level of service, quality and efficiency of the healthcare provided;
  4. round-the-Clock support regardless of holidays and weekends;
  5. 100% coverage of the territory of Ukraine, we are with you everywhere and always;
  6. You pay only the cost of medical insurance are no hidden fees and fine print;
  7. Insurance premium during the term of the contract LCA remains the same;
  8. Strict confidentiality and privacy conditions of insurance.

the Cost of a VMI policy in SK KRONA

the cost of the policy to determine the services and capabilities that you decided to fill it:

  • Personal data. Gender, age. Specifics of work, possible risks, working conditions;
  • the Extent of human health. If you have a serious chronic illness, the policy cost will be significantly higher;
  • Set of options. Techniques and advice from professionals, laboratory and diagnostic events, etc. Additional options, such as dental care, medical examinations, vitaminization, immunization, health massage, pregnancy;
  • Rating and class of medical institutions where you would like to receive medical care;
  • limits of liability of the insurance company selected options;
  • Total insurance amount of liability of the insurance company.

when Purchasing insurance policy of DMS in the UK “CROWN”, with any filling You can be sure that our prices are always affordable, and services are provided at the highest level.


How to purchase VHI in SK KRONA?

Turning to SK KRONA", you will get professional detailed information about the content of the VMI and high quality service in the future.  as a first step, we invite you to call us or fill in the form (form is attached).  Experts UK “CROWN” are ready to generate the optimum LCA program tailored to your abilities and wishes.

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