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Treatment of ovulation disorders

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In the European centers Dr. Herbert Workshop focuses on the issues of male and female infertility, its causes and methods of solving problems. One of the key areas can be considered or violation ovulation of ovarian function.

the causes and characteristics of development

In the normal process of ovulation is release of matured egg into the fallopian tube where it becomes possible fertilization by sperm. If sex cells cease to act in this area, there is a dysfunction or anovulation. Most often it manifests itself in changes of the menstrual cycle: duration, frequency, volume of emissions. However, the emergence of dysfunction does not mean infertility for staging such a diagnosis of anovulation must be periodic and regular occurrence.

the development of the pathology occurs for the following reasons:

  • unstructured, irregular, increased physical activity;
  • the
  • deviation from the normal lifestyle and nutrition, lack of proper rest;
  • the
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • the
  • comorbidity, for example, problems with the adrenal glands.

Diagnosis of the disease may not always be timely, because the causes are not always clearly manifest itself.

treatment Options

All existing methods of addressing dysfunction of ovulation can be divided into primary and reproductive. In the first case, it all comes down to stimulating the release of eggs in fallopian tube. Reproductive treatment clinics doctors Shop resort in cases where anovulation is clearly passed into the chronic form.

In the primary stage typically use the following approaches:

  1. Direct stimulation (uses a different hormone treatment to prepare the endometrium);
  2. Indirect stimulation (the normalization of the synthesis of hormones responsible maturation and ejection of the eggs);

    Surgical stimulation (removal of obstruction of the fallopian tubes).

Among reproductive techniques clinic practices:

    Intrauterine insemination (artificial introduction of prepared sperm into the uterine cavity after prior hormonal therapy);

    ECO (artificial insemination by sperm of the egg in the uterus).

Modern technology centers of reproduction allow every year to experience the joy of motherhood to many women.

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