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Oligozoospermia is not a sentence

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In the German centers for reproductive medicine VivaNeo annually more than 20 thousand successful operations for artificial insemination. Often the reason for such a development becomes lack of sperm in the ejaculate of men, which does not allow to conceive the embryo. (this is the name the abnormality in this network of clinics is quite successful and multi-faceted.

the source of the problem

According to who, the male semen in normal condition should contain about 60 million sperm. This concentration suggests the possibility of a successful natural fertilization of the egg. Otherwise, the probability of conception decreases significantly, respectively, the stage of pathological conditions.

So when the diagnosis of the first stage oligozoospermia (sperm count of 40 million) will be successful only every fourth (25%). The second stage will delight, only 15% of couples (sperm concentration from 20 to 40 million). The third is about 3%, and fourth and did leave all attempts fruitless, as the content of germ cells in the ejaculate is less than 5 million.


the causes of the development of the pathology abound, so the strategy of treatment is based on etiology and severity. In the initial stages used therapeutic approaches aimed at the relief of predisposing to pathology of the condition or disease. If these methods are ineffective, and the pathology moves in a complex 3 or 4 stages, you will inevitably resort to reproductive medicine.

At the clinic VivaNeo use the following approaches:

  • ECO. Artificial in vitro fertilization involves extracting from the ejaculate of men active sperm, and the ovaries eggs. Both types of germ cells are connected in a proper microflora, and then placed in the uterine cavity;
  • ICSI. This method is somewhat similar to the previous one, only the introduction of sperm into the egg occurs force; the

  • IMSI. The development of the previous methodology, which is characterized by increased attention to the selection of sperm prior to insemination;
  • the
  • PIXIE. This approach eliminates the possibility of using sperm with different genetic abnormalities.

in addition to these methods, experts are actively practicing the so-called artificial insemination, which is closely related to the ovulation period of a woman.

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