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What are the functions of the thyroid gland

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the thyroid Hormones are involved in almost all vital processes of the human body. Her underactive can lead a person into depression, and hyperactivity — into psychosis. The thyroid has a very extensive feature as it is 1 of the fundamental parts of the human endocrine system, which, in turn, regulates metabolic processes in the body. Therefore, if your feel something is wrong – first check the thyroid gland.


the Main function of the thyroid gland:

  • impact on the growth of. Normal, than more you eat, the more your body, a hormone triiodothyronine, which in turn speeds up the metabolic processes in the body. The result: the body receives more protein and amino acids (the“building materials”) and more energy, it develops, grows, and recovers (regenerates) when damaged, etc. But if the body is starving, then accordingly generates less triiodothyronine, and the human body, so as not to expend such precious energy, begins to live a “slowly”. Thyroid hormones are directly involved in the regulation vyrobotki in the pituitary gland of growth hormone, deficiency of which leads to stunting. But the lack thyrocalcitonin leads to disruption of calcium absorption, which is the main building material of bone tissue. In addition, calcium is still needed for nerve impulses and muscle function. For example, at increase in the blood levels of thyroid hormones increase of all tendon reflexes, and in their excessive production develops hand shake (tremor);
  • Regulation of energy metabolism. When injected into the blood is 1 mg of thyroxin per 1,000 kcal increases daily energy consumption. This is because this hormone increases glucose consumption, what begins to actively spend money accumulated in the liver glycogen, which in turn is a powerful energy discharge;
  • Regulation of lipid metabolism. Under the influence of thyroid hormones significantly increased lipolysis (breakdown of fats). As a result, the human body receives a huge number of molecules of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which, in turn, is the main source of energy for all living organisms. In addition to everything being spoiled body fat;
  • Hematopoiesis. Thyroid hormones have the ability to enhance the formation of red blood cells (erythrocytes) in the bone marrow;
  • heart-vascular system. The thyroid hormones group take part in work of the myocardium (heart muscle), thus regulating the transport of calcium, glucose and amino acids and protecting it from the stresses of the heart itself;
  • vitality. The thyroid hormones group increase the sensitivity of human tissues to such substances as catecholamines - are they causing our nervous system to work (the best known catecholamine is adrenaline). The hormone thyroxine, in turn, significantly accelerates the consumption of our body's adrenaline, which largely determines our General state. As the doctors say: the cause of depression in 10-15% of cases it is a lack of thyroid.

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