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What is an electronic cigarette?

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the Electronic cigarette is called a high-tech device that is used for vaping. This device was invented by Chinese pharmacist hon Lik in 2003, in the 1st of the largest Hong Kong companies "Ruyan".

the Electronic cigarette was developed as an alternative to Smoking that gives you the opportunity to switch to a safer way of Smoking or even helping to quit Smoking.


is it Safe to smoke electronic cigarettes?

People do not get the 4000 dangerous and harmful chemical constituents that itself contains an ordinary cigarette and which are the cause of many diseases, including cancer. Now the reviews and opinions of doctors on electronic cigarette almost unanimous: it is really safe and helps to maintain human health, saves money and time.


the design of the electronic cigarette:

  • battery;
  • atomizer;
  • cartridge.

Since technology is not standing on the 1st place, production and development of battery box mods and batteries for electronic cigarette each year are developing and getting better, embodying different designs, sizes, shapes and multifunctional capabilities.

Last time very popular polzuyutsya serviced atomizer that is easy to maintain, have a solid reliable design, as well as save money when using electronic cigarettes.

after Evaluating all the positive properties of this device manufacturers improve the technology and design, modifying and modifying certain components.


Liquid electronic cigarettes

This is special. the liquid that is poured into all sorts of atomizers and cartridges for electronic cigarettes. The compositions of the Smoking mixture so chosen, so that by evaporation they gave very thick vapor, which itself is very similar to tobacco smoke. In these mixtures may be the nicotine, and not to be. If it is contained in a specific Smoking mixture, then the amount specified on the container in mg/ml. From the liquid for electronic cigarettes will depend on: the strength of the inhaling, flavors and other sensations, which obtained from the smoker.

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