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Treatment of obstruction of the fallopian tubes

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One of the key areas of work of the Hamburg center for reproductive medicine is the pathology that most often prevents a woman and a man to conceive a child. The specialists at the clinic have vast experience of solving such problems, therefore, even in the most difficult cases the probability of successful fertilization is high enough.

Cause of disease

From the point of view of anatomy, uterine or fallopian tubes are paired organs of the reproductive system female. The inner walls of the ciliary epithelium has a special or fleecy structure that allows the egg to move in the cavity. As the obstruction may be complete or partial. In the first case is absolute, complete overlap of the channel of movement of the egg, resulting in fertilization impossible. Partial obstruction does not prevent fertilization, but embryo development may begin in the tube that will eventually cause an ectopic pregnancy.

Among the reasons that lead to the development of obstruction are:

  • infectious diseases of the reproductive system, the effects of abortion, difficult delivery. They are inflammatory in nature, which are almost always adhesions on the inner surface of the fallopian tubes;
  • the
  • migrated earlier surgery and, as a consequence, tissue scarring;
  • the
  • genetic pathology of the fallopian tubes.

in addition, the cause of obstruction can be of different functional disorders, which develop in physiologically normal organs.

Diagnosis and treatment

Initially, the reproduction center, the patient will be asked to take comprehensive and special examinations to understand the overall picture. Diagnosis of the reproductive system carried out by the following methods:

  • Contrast x-ray, which allows you to fully visualize the fallopian tubes;
  • the
  • ultrasound contrast type;
  • the
  • Micro-invasive laparoscopic interventions, allowing for analysis of intrauterine space and, if necessary, to conduct appropriate manipulation actions.

Treatment of pathology may be a conservative method or methods of reproductive medicine. The use of hormonal and other drugs allows to achieve a result only when the cause of the obstruction are various disorders of a functional nature. In all other cases, the specialists of the clinic use the procedure of in vitro fertilization or IVF. It allows you to do 50...60% of the result, even at absolute obstruction.

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