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IVF with endometriosis

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Specialists of the world famous Austrian clinics Kinderwunschklinik deal with the problems of infertility for men and women. One of the most successful treatments is considered to be a chronic disease, which can put a cross on the woman's ability to conceive. A team under the guidance of doctors Leonard Loimer, Matthias Brunbauer and Heidi Witte more than 5 years ago received a certificate of conformity for unique methods of treatment of this disease.

What is endometriosis?

It is a common practice in gynecological disease. Susceptible mostly women of reproductive age - from 25 to 30 years. The essence of the pathology is that the cells of the inner lining of the uterus endometrium "roots" outside of their normal locations. They expand into the neighboring cavities, tissues and organs, disrupting their work. Since the fiber fabric has the same characteristics as the normal endometrium, when the change of hormonal background, for example, during the menstrual cycle, it can also occur bleeding. This leads to the development of local inflammatory processes, pain and in the end, infertility.

Diagnosis of endometriosis depends on its stage (4) and type. At the first stage may be isolated pockets, but on fourth - multiple cyst-like seal, tissue adhesions of neighboring organs. Endometriosis is classified depending on its localization:

  • Genital develop within the uterus, ovaries and other reproductive system organs.
  • the
  • Extra - germination of the tissue in adjacent organs (intestine, belly button, etc).


If time does not begin treatment, the disease can cause obstruction of the fallopian tubes and other processes that will impede the movement of oocytes and forming embryos. Even if the spikes are low, the probability of a successful conception not exceed 35%. In such a situation, without application of methods of reproductive medicine to improve the situation very difficult.

According to statistics, the IVF procedure allows to increase the probability of fertilization by 20...30%, but only if the disease is at stage 1-2. In more complex situations will require a comprehensive treatment, the purpose of which primarily is to eliminate obstruction of the fallopian tubes. Otherwise, artificial insemination can be dangerous to health and life of women.

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