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Causes of female infertility

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the Desire to have children to continue the race - it is a natural, instinctive for any normal men and women. However, it often happens that this desire remains unfulfilled, and the culprit be different . They are not few, but the main points on which to focus in the Munich center for reproductive medicine Kinderwunsch Zentrum an der Oper, you should recall.


Physiologically, the possibility of natural conception, the egg is supported by proper hormone balance. If this mechanism for whatever reason is broken, the number of hormones above or below is required, the maturation of sex cells and the process of ovulation is under threat. The main symptom of the disorder in this area is menstrual cycle. In addition, the problem may indicate an arbitrary lactation. To diagnose a deficiency or excess of various hormones synthesis only in the clinical laboratory.

Dysfunction of the fallopian tube

In the process of ovulation, the ripened egg is released into the cavity of the fallopian tube where it moves toward the uterus. This process may be disturbed by obstruction, adhesions. The reason for their development can be inflammatory diseases of organs of pelvis. Usually used for diagnostic ultrasound.


a chronic disease is one of the most common causes of female infertility. Is characterized by a growth of endometrial tissue (the inner cavity of the fallopian tubes) to the neighboring organs and tissues. Treatment of disease is by surgery, but given the high probability of relapse, the best option to conceive is IVF.

the Anatomical changes of tissues

Various scars, polyps, lumps, fibroids that develop in the muscle tissue, significantly reduce the likelihood of successful conception because the fertilized egg cannot attach to the uterine wall. For the diagnosis of these pathologies typically use a broad range of ultrasound techniques, including sonography.

Age changes

in addition to diseases, which nullify women's reproductive function, it has another natural enemy - time. After 30-35 years the possibility of conception decreases by itself, and fast. Moreover, for the procedure of artificial insemination with the egg retrieval, the woman should not be older than this age. May play a role in premature menopause

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