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Treatment of azoospermia

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Reproductive centers in Austria, including the clinic of Dr. Alexandra yusta, have the broadest experience and knowledge in the field of combating different forms of infertility. One of the most difficult areas is considered to be rare forms of disorders of spermatogenesis in men.

Definition and types

Azoospermia is a pathology in which the ejaculate is completely or partially missing the sperm, making it impossible a process of natural conception. According to statistics, the disease occurs only in 2% of men. However, it is quite difficult for therapy dysfunction.

Clinically, there are two main types of azoospermia:

  • Secretory or non-obstructive. Gametes are not produced in the testicles;
  • the
  • Excretory or obstructive. The testicles produce sperm, but the ejaculate no, because the ejaculatory path is blocked;
  • the
  • Combined. The parallel development both of the previous scenarios.

Among the reasons for the development of pathology can be genetic disorders, toxic injury, inflammatory processes in the genital organs, hypothermia, lack of vitamins.

Diagnosis and treatment

the Main method of diagnosis of azoospermia is the analysis of the ejaculate or semen. Sampling of biological material for research is in the clinical setting in a manner verified by the who - Masturbation. Before the procedure, a man must refrain from sexual activity, thermal treatments, alcohol for 2-7 days. If spermatogenesis is impaired, the amount of sperm suitable for fertilization too little or absent.

the Procedure of fertilization of female eggs in the clinic is carried out by two main methods: IVF and ICSI. But they require the collection of sperm and in this case a biopsy.

  • PESA - sampling of biological material from the appendages. The procedure has an absolute efficiency when diagnosed with excretory azoospermia;
  • the
  • TESA - puncture tissue of the testis, which is also used in violation samatata;
  • TESE - sided micro-invasive intervention, is effective in non-obstructive form of the disease.

The male sex cells in the laboratory combine with eggs and then with the development are placed in the uterus.

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