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Scho Takeo aloe

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Its name Aloe got it for his rather bitter taste. In Arabic, by valueso translate that word. Succulents - a number of plants which include aloe, their numbers are about 400 species. In a pot grow this wonderful plant, at the same time consider it an ordinary houseplants. Grow it often is for decorative purposes. But its use aloe also found in various natural cosmetics, and thatkzhe Arabs eat it in salads, as a salad vegetable.  
Aloe has many properties, as well as anti-inflammatory and wound healing is widely used in medicine. Trophic ulcers, purulent Rani, burns can be treated with drugs with aloe juice or by the same juice.
&Nbsp; mozhno online Digestive tract may also be subjected to such treatment using aloe.
The scientific medicine began to demand more study of the properties of aloe, because it is quite in demand in all of medicine. List the number of drugs in which the manufacture add aloe juice, has become just nerealnym. May be called the general scope of such drugs, because their properties of aloe can greatly boasts. Allantoin is contained in large amounts in the aloe. It has a fairly good anesthetic effect, as well as an astringent and anti-inflammatory. Creams and tonics are home aloe, and so it began to add in there pretty bOlsha quantities. Cooking Eastern countries may surprise various dishes with stems and leaves of aloe. And who would have thought that from this plant make wine, somewhere in India.
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