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What is traditional medicine?

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In this article we will talk about what traditional medicine is and will tell us about this editor : So...

Traditional medicine is the totality of methods of diagnostics, prophylaxis, medical rehabilitation and treatment based on the traditions of folk medicine and permitted for medical use, as well as knowledge, attitudes, and skills in the field of traditional health systems that are transmitted in oral or written form from generation to generation, and not always to have a logical explanation and scientific justification.

Traditional medicine is an integral part of the health care system of the Russian Federation.

According to who recommendations in all countries, the basis of traditional medicine are:

  • physical therapy;
  • reflexology (acupuncture);
  • therapy based treatment with means of natural origin);
  • manipulative therapy (chiropractic).

Other kinds of traditional medical each state determines, on the basis of their specific features and interests.

Today, in developed countries, gaining popularity of traditional medicine. For example, the proportion of the population that is at least 1-in once used its services, is: in the US – 42 % in Canada – 70 % of Australia – 48 %, in France – 49 %, in Belgium – 31%.

folk and traditional medicine are increasingly used for the treatment or prevention of chronic diseases, and to improve the quality of life. Against this background, it would be unwise to ignore centuries of accumulated knowledge and experience.

in Order to meet the growing demand for services of traditional medicine in 2002, the who released a strategy document in the field of traditional medicine, directly describing widely used methods and the variety of folk treatment, including Arabic and Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, indigenous medicine, and Unani. The basic idea of who was to check the entire Arsenal of methods of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment and rehabilitation of various diseases that has accumulated in folk medicine of different countries for centuries, and then introduce all the most effective in modern healthcare.

But despite the huge positive aspects of traditional medicine, there are 2 Islands, the main obstacles for its rational use:

  • the lack at state level of appropriate training "people" doctors, which is why people find it very difficult to identify the really qualified professionals;
  • the lack of a legal base directly traditional medicine.


Is a combination of various methods of treatment using medicines of natural (animal, mineral, plant) origin that are permitted for medical application in the prescribed manner on the territory of the Russian Federation. These include apitherapy, hirudotherapy, herbal medicine and other therapies drugs of natural origin.


Integrative medicine

This modern, progressive area of medicine that combines the proven methods thousands of years of Chinese traditional medicine and the latest developments in the field of European academic medicine.


Complementary medicine

It's different kinds of additional therapy that is not associated with various surgical vmeshatelstvo, curationem the influence and use of drugs.

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