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The history of the company "RYOR"

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the Company "RYOR" founded in 1991, engineer Eva ?t?p?nkov?. By the way, a new social order in that time have created all the necessary conditions for private business. Initially, the company produced professional cosmetics used in beauty salons. Some time later RYOR company started to supply their products to the markets of retail trade (by the way, that was the desire of the clients themselves). By the way, to purchase the company's products .

Dynamic development of production and expanding the range of products has caused the need to increase the production area of the company. And, as a result, in Kisite in 1996, they built a modern factory for the production of cosmetics, and it was opened in 1997, This factory is located on the area almost 3 thousand. m2. It satisfies today's stringent requirements that apply to the production of cosmetics and ensures professional favorable conditions for the company.

the Commercial part of the company RYOR engaged in its branches, which are located in Cesky Krumlov, Ostrava and Prague. In addition, the RYOR company also has opened its branch in Slovakia: brand shops are located in the cities of Bratislava and bansk? Bystrica, and the main facility is located in the city of Pezinok. There there are branded cosmetic salon.

RYOR company's Products are exported to many countries of the world (Ukraine, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Macedonia, Hungary, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Spain, the UK, Norway, USA, Ireland, Taiwan, etc.).

today the company produces: 98 products for the retail market, 63 product for professional use, as well as 18 products of lux class, which belong to cosmetic line "RYOR Luxury Care".

a Couple of years ago, the company "RYOR" entered the market of dietary SUPPLEMENTS with their special teas is a nutritious blend and herbal teas to detoxify and nourish your body, which in turn plays an important role in skin care.  

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