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Gift birthday: how to choose?

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Gifts are nice to receive and to give. To choose a gift is not easy, because everyone has their own Hobbies, Hobbies and habits. Therefore, the choice of gift should be approached with imagination, because each person wants, that the birthday girl (the birthday boy) the most memorable gift presented to them. By the way, buy the original .


Choosing a gift, you can use General rules:

  • Men. For men great gifts are: a nice watch, expensive alcohol, sets of glasses, coasters for bottles, a variety of car accessories, items for Smoking (for example, decorative hookah), and various fun Souvenirs (stand for phone “money tree”, etc.);
  • Women. 1 of the best "female" gifts, of course, there are precious jewelry. No 1-on the fairer sex can resist the Golden ring, a brooch, earrings, bracelet or a pearl necklace. Also women will not refuse the fashionable hours from the new collection. Traditional "feminine" gifts are boxes of chocolates, flowers, soft toys. Additionally you can give various figurines, vases, cool computer accessories (for example, a computer mouse pink or made in the form of a heart), various objects in the Oriental style (e.g., hookah or tea set), bed linen, gift certificate to a beauty salon, a perfume shop or cosmetics;
  • Children. For the little ones the best podarkami always and at all times had toys (depending on age, it might be different: cars, construction sets, puzzles, plasticine, coloured pencils or crayons, coloring books, balls, igrushechnie weapons, dolls, bicycles, etc.), sweets (candy, "kinder", fruit, etc.), game consoles (Sony Play Station, Xbox, etc.), books, and much more. Remember kids the most important is not so much what they gave, how much attention and joint play with parents and guests.

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