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What are the mattresses Dormisan

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One of the main advantages of a market economy, to which we so diligently seek is the opportunity for every person to realize their entrepreneurial talent and ideas. Indeed, on the market today, you can find a huge number of titles and types of mattresses and related products. Unfortunately, most of them quickly surrender to the "nitty-gritty" and become useless. Alternative to cheap and low-quality goods may serve the Slovak company Dormisan that for about 20 years now enjoy the deserved attention in the EU and Ukraine.


Distinguishing features

high-Quality and durable mattress is not just a combination of springs and upholstery. All of its components must be designed to trifles, to possess a certain degree of uniqueness, to realize the only important goal is the quality of sleep and rest. About how important role this process plays can say though, the fact that the average person sleeps about a third of my life.

mattresses Dormisan used Sonnocel innovative design that combines a porous elastic polyurethane foam and latex. Due to the fact that the pores open, easy going air, and the structure of the filler is similar to a honeycomb. This approach eliminates the use of potentially allergenic materials, and the orthopedic effect to build on the natural mechanisms.

in addition, the open pores allow air to freely circulate inside, making it perfect thermoregulation. On a mattress filled with so warm and cosy in winter, and cool in the summer. It enriches the body with oxygen, perfectly removes moisture and supports the spine in the correct position during sleep.



In the line of mattresses the company Dormisan presented 9 models which can be divided by stiffness and cost into three groups:

  • Soft. The model of Pluto (the average price category, the anatomical effect) and Pullman (expensive mattresses, comfort);
  • Average. Models with excellent orthopedic effect and maximum support of the spine Saturn, Uranus, Nuvola, Luna, Bambino, Pluto New;
  • Hard. Mattresses Jupiter series, filler which allows you to replicate the anatomical characteristics of a person.

With excellent quality and European origin, mattresses Dormisan mainly relate to the average price category, which allows to assess their quality to a large audience in our country.

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