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Eyeshadow: how to choose?

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In makeup there are a huge number of nuances that should be considered in order to achieve the best effect, for example, the quality of the product. Directly from the effectiveness of the cosmetic product will depend on the result of the whole makeup. If a woman is planning to do professional makeup, then it must be bought in store some interesting color, any cosmetic product.

In fact, professional makeup artists start in their work is not purely their skills and knowledge, and buy the shade that perfectly get flustered, and do not fall directly under the eye during application. By the way, the store Intern there is a price which ranging from 200 to 1000 UAH.

the logical question is: "How to choose a better shade for their age?" Here many women have a problem of choosing, as only a few understand what needs to be the shadows for competent professional application and blending. Many women still believe that the shade with a nice touch are the half of success, but in reality, it is very difficult to choose a product that is easy to use and will last a very long time eventually.


make-up: why do we need shadows?

If a woman wants to achieve the best result when creating the makeup, then she just can't do without shadows. So that your eyes look the most spectacular and expressive, you need to learn how to apply the shadows. If women don't know how to use this beauty product with the purpose of decorations, then she must learn how to apply natural makeup. Then you have to buy the shade of brown-beige palette and apply them only on your upper eyelid.

Shadows are indispensable in creating the depression or the same amount in the right place. If women are by nature bland and pale eyes, without this trick it does not do. And if a woman knows how to perfectly apply the shadow, then you can safely buy the max of colors that she could use for day and evening makeup.

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