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What illness is cured by a neurologist?

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"A doctor, like a neurologist examines various disorders of the Central nervous system as the cause of the disease. The older generation used to call this doctor a neurologist that today is wrong, because it is 2-VA a different specialist," he says , which is receiving in the neurological center “Your doctor”:

in Order to be able to receive patients and obtain a certificate in neurology, you need to finish the honey. The UNIVERSITY, as well as an internship.

Neurology is the science that studies the emergence of various disorders in the human nervous system. Doctor-neuralg Considers the primary symptoms, mechanism of development and symptoms of the disease. Directly after the diagnosis and diagnosis by a specialist in neurology prescribes treatment + prevention.


Why the human nervous system is vulnerable?

due To strong branching of the human nervous system is a real field for the development of various pathologies, which in turn, affects other organs and systems.


Main causes of development of pathologies of the nervous system:

  • Infection;
  • In pregnancy;
  • Trauma
  • Vascular disorders;
  • Heredity and chronic disease.

Also some harm to the human nervous system cause: lack of vitamins and nutrients, the influence of antibiotics and chemicals, heavy metal poisoning, and kidney and heart disease.


What illness is cured by a neurologist?

Specialist in neurology treats the following diseases:

  1. Arachnoiditis;
  2. Insomnia,
  3. Parkinson's Disease;
  4. Alzheimer's Disease;
  5. Intracranial pressure (hypertension), hydrocephalus;
  6. tension-type Headache;
  7. Hemorrhagic stroke;
  8. cerebral palsy;
  9. Sciatica;
  10. Ischemic stroke;
  11. Cluster headaches;
  12. Meningitis;
  13. Myasthenia gravis;
  14. Headache;
  15. Myelitis;
  16. Myopathy;
  17. the Violation of muscle tone in children;
  18. Neuralgia;
  19. Neuropathy or neuritis;
  20. tumors of the spine or of the brain;
  21. Multiple sclerosis
  22. Polio
  23. the jeep Disease or restless leg syndrome;
  24. chronic fatigue Syndrome;
  25. attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity;
  26. Tunnel syndrome;
  27. Tuberculous meningitis;
  28. Extrapyramidal disorders;
  29. Encephalitis;
  30. Encephalopathy

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