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Sharm El Sheikh: known areas of the resort.

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This resort is located on the coast of the red sea have not 1st dozen years experts believe the ideal place for a relaxing holiday vegetable, which on the background of the marine unreal beauties you can redeem children, to soak up the sun and forget. That is why our fellow citizens are so often buy ! Swedish feast, the cheerful professional animators with their annoying songs at the pool and tennis courts, Hammami, and more — all that the resort of Sharm El-Sheikh.


the Most famous districts of Sharm El-Sheikh

the resort consists of a number of scenic areas that were built around the main bays (along the coast). In the charm (single unit) these areas connects Peace Road, the main street.

  • “Bay Elders" (Naama Bay). Is the most prosperous and oldest part of the resort. There is a continuous succession of hotels and accommodation in 2-ve - 3-ri line. All along the Bay here stretches a pedestrian street with cafes, shops, discos and restorani;
  • Sharm El-Maya. This area is on the South-West of the resort and is famous for its Old Market (Eastern market) and its sandy beach (the one in Sharm El-Sheikh). Also here are: the harbour of the same name, directly from where the yacht with the tourists come to RAS Mohamed (nature reserve) and walking on the sea, as well as “Old town”, with many shops and cafes;
  • shark Bay. Is a relatively new resort area of the resort. It is famous for high-class hotels and luxurious coral reef;
  • Nabq. This area is located at the distance of a few km to the North-East of Naama Bay, facing Tiran island and towards NAT. reserve “center”. The last time it is 1 of the fastest growing areas of the resort, every year there are built more new hotels;
  • Bay of RAS Umm El-Sid. It is located close to Naama Bay and is known for its coral gardens, which are home to abundant marine life. In addition, there is a Ritz Carlton 5* - 1-in of the most luxurious hotels on the coast.

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