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Yak I s Chim has jeans in ops?

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Today bagatoh openig prank zivity power: Yak I s Chim has jeans in ops? Chi Doren jeans for stvorennya delovogo style? I waiau scho in ninny hour cervetto great companies became more stavitsa lokalnim to podni of pitane. Everyone knows, what does VDOM open casual fridays (ie for n atirah, Prihodite allowed to work in more democratic Odas I experimentati zi style). Ale I in such vipadkah not necessary zabuvati about those scho VI pereboeva in ops, that vigliadeti need gdno I odnochasno stylish (especially if you pracuje s clay).

Ale scho are Robit yakscho corporate Statute compan not peredacha podna casual fridays, and so want comfortable I beautiful vigliadeti in working hours? Have Dani article mi postaraemsya vidpovisti on Your question about the Yak I s Chim has jeans in ops I respost us about TSE spivrobitnyky Internet store in yakomu can pridbati jeans wholesale in CIV Kharkov.


For zhinok:

  1. Odne s basic rules delovogo denim dress-code swit about those scho Periago need vdavali DENM temnih vdcw. For is TSE bude naybilsh chodai variant, the Yak light-blackit jeans Doren for more informal sustra I dochenku. Cyclen pottercast, run, elementi on jeans, a large number of SWAROVSKI rhinestone y NSA Smulevich dekorativnih fsoc - smut taboo for openogo the dress-code. Podrn things better salesite for msica ride ABO pobachennya;
  2. Now schodo cut. Valim option for work in jeans is will be a strict cut, W pryamimi leg. Taqiy Crius udalo mu clasic pants, perhaps Your boss navti I don't patiti scho VI in jeans:) I also Dopustim wusik jeans SCN, but in this case it Buti accurate. Podna model pidhodit incam vdown figure (if you resume, about scho I,:)), I don't blame NATO obtyagivali VSI Vashi "prindi". Nastino not recommend ginsu iz an understatement Talu dwellers pid hour panatta pens, the Yak fell, not trapese incident. Z "Boyfriends" Buti takozh need acurate, after such a model is not showsm openogo format, yakscho tilki Ve pracuje in yaky-nebudu kreativni dizajnerski compan, ale TSE vzhe okremi the case;
  3. Pognana sorochak or light blouses s jeans - TSE besprogryshnye option for delovogo denim look. Chemise - TSE naybilsh vdali openi clothing, that smilevo podnuha shirt (odnotonno, clsico, saiku) z jeans I ve not progagate. Stylin striman, aksesuari lachey dopolnyat to Your image. You can experimentati s sovkovyi ABO chironomini blouses. Sgravi on contrast of tkanin I Carno Gami you can otrymaty vdali tandem;
  4. make reconciliation between your jacket ABO kardhan to jinsu. Podne pognana dodati Your way of Akis, Natak on oftiny style;
  5. Now - vzuttya. The Yak mene, navigasi option for ginsu in OFS - TSE TOEFL-shovniki. On-Perche, TSE gnojno. In another way - I practical duzhe beautiful odnochasno. Vibiraem vzuttya on Serenoa sticoma cables scho not high tanker ABO flat PDOs. Thin visoko pin preberite for Vern poaching, and clearly sportivne vzuttya for mscih of provalenok. Scho States zimowego vzuttya, it's desirable, dwellers caboti Buli klasicnih colors - Chorny, coricnevy, without Admiralty in decor. Taboo for vzuttya in OFS - TSE ugg;
  6. Aksesuari mozhut Buti Yak I virusnym dopovnennya way, so I povnistyu spavati Yogo. To vibora aksesuaru to jinsu for is need pdicy s special seriosly. It is not necessary zabuvati scho OFS in your estimation guilty vilicity dowry I kasuati on your professionalsm in robot. That s naglaskom embellishment better not experimentati. Dealim option to become pakrasi s blagorodnyh metal I Kamenev, better priglasheny CONV. Not rekomendatsi slaugivita s great clcct rhinestone I NSIH askrabic elements. Zrobi choice on'na koryst modest single pearl or NSA natural Kamenev.


  1. Predstavnika silno stat also not rekomendatsi has on the robot, ginsu swetlik vdcw, vdate of perevahy klasicnim tamnim coloram, the stench vigladit more striano, ale I in the same hour affordable;
  2. Osoblivo pay attention pridti cut your ginsu for OFS. Viberti vdovy style ginsu for VASO figure, but do not forget about those scho sevugan to bottom skin will vigliadeti in ops, proud Cauchi, nagoricino. Better vdate Periago klasichnae straight cut;
  3. Podnuha jeans and shirts. Here je de of proyavite fantasy. Vdnk podany s jeans for ofa mill klasicna chemise - TSE dodati way ACOs aftinet. Vlink, ale dopustim option become shirts I flannelet Polo shirts. The way this race will vigliadeti s jeans not so conservative, ale in the same hour alastat on komfortno the robot in is;
  4. Sche one dalim trick for stvorennya delovogo outfit together with jeans mill PJAK. Viberti Chorny, Navy blue ABO korichneviy cialini PJAK, comboitem Yogo s shirt jeans , - , smilevo virusate in ops! This way let's create the VI sobi dlove vambraces from Ulublena jinsu;
  5. Valuim element , " vzuttya. Dealim option to become clasics TOEFL , VSI h warez. Brogues, loveri, Oxford I monkey - Nestle wide choice of scho no doubt has something you enjoy;
  6. Severely acordam have Your obras for ops . remni. Chorny klasicni remni mill is not only functional detally, but I dodati You elegantnost.

the conclusion of the

So, jeans for is celcom of dopustimye clothing. Smut right kombinovati h s tagom, accessories and suttam , VI will vigliadeti striano , " odnochasno stylishly comfortable. It is important to always considered the address of code compan I porady cervista.

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