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How to rinse the nose with salt water?

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an Excellent method of traditional medicine, which gives you the opportunity to get rid of puffiness of the nasal cavity, germs and mucus is washing the nose with salt water. Given its time-tested method of home treatment runny nose can use, even pregnant women.

For this procedure, it is best to use natural sea salt, purchased at a pharmacy (only without fragrances and other additives). If you allow, it is better to use the presets on the type of Dolphin, which are also sold in the pharmacy network.

There are a couple of methods of methods of cooking at home mixture which will be suitable in order to . So, in a glass of boiled warm water should add 1 well - 2-ve teaspoons of salt, and mix to 100% dissolution of crystals (if necessary — strain the liquid). If you make a solution of sodium chloride, common salt, then, is not superfluous in a glass of liquid, add 1 well a drop of iodine.


How to wash the nose?

“Technology” nasal lavage saline is very simple, below we consider the main methods are:

  1. 1-well nostril hold, and directly through the 2nd nostril “inject” pre-prepared saline solution. This should be done in a manner that he poured out through the mouth, and its remnants can be carefully “blow” through the nose. Then the same manipulation must be done with the 2nd nostril;
  2. the Indian method of nasal lavage (aka "Jala Neti"). For this you will need a special kettle. The head must bow to the side, then into 1 nostril well you will need to gently insert the spout and begin infuse it with saline solution, releasing it at the same time, through the 2nd nostril. Some part of the solution can be drawn into the nasopharynx. Applying 50 % of the total volume of the salt solution, continue to wash the 2nd nostril. In the end I lean forward, giving thus the liquid which remains in the paranasal cavities of the nose, the ability to pour out;
  3. For nasal lavage can also be used a small rubber syringe without tip, or 10-CC syringe without a needle. Need much to tilt your head forward and then sideways. Further, the upper nostril is necessary to carefully pour the salt solution, and then blow my nose. Then the head should turn to the 2nd side and repeat the procedure only this time with the 2nd nostril;
  4. it is Necessary to tilt back the head, put your nose with salt water and blow your nose after 30 seconds.

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