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What is the angiography of cerebral vessels?

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Angiography of cerebral vessels is the method of x-ray examination of the lymphatic pathways of arteries, veins, which gives the possibility to determine the location of narrowing and clogging of blood vessels, the presence of EXT. bleeding, place and degree of pathological expansion, the level of spread of the tumor, and other diseases that otherwise is very difficult to quantify. Directly after the examination in the container is injected contrast a special substance and also simultaneously conducted x-ray examination.


This procedure is used for:

  • the detection of heart disease;
  • the determination of the pathology of blood vessels;
  • determine the atherosclerotic changes;
  • the detection of diseases of the retina;    
  • identify thrombosis, the pathological extension of the blood vessels, arteriovenous anastomoses, tumours;  
  • the evaluation of the kidneys and detect cysts and tumors in them;
  • studies immediately before surgery on the heart and the brain.

assigned when I suspect a serious illness (disruptions of blood circulation through contraction, aneurysms and blood clots, for identifying the source of hemorrhage, tumors, and hematomas of the brain).

in Order to consider the vessels of the brain in more detail through the femoral artery is a catheter. This allows you to view the back region of the brain. Catheter contrast agent that will help to see the x-rays changed how vessels, as well as what happened to the blood flow to various parts of the brain.


When you do this survey?

Symptoms, under which it is necessary to carry out this study are:

  • Loss of consciousness;
  • Headache;
  • Dizziness;
  • Pain in neck;
  • Nausea.

Angiography is performed to detect abnormalities of the blood vessels of the brain and gives the opportunity to detect anomalies in the structure and development of blood vessels, obstruction, tortuosity, different aneurysms, narrowing of the lumen. Also, this procedure can detect tumors of the hemispheres, and the area of the Turkish saddle.

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