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What analyses it is necessary zdat for the diagnosis of colon cancer?

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There are a huge number of methods by which it is possible to identify in the body the presence of cancer cells. The most frequently used of them is .


About the disease

In the majority of cases blood pass when certain symptoms are observed, showing the formation in the intestine a malignant tumor. Such symptoms include:

  • problems with the chair;
  • Bleeding;
  • fecal Incontinence;
  • Feeling of incomplete bowel movements;
  • distension of the stomach;
  • Incontinence of gases;
  • pain in abdomen;
  • Intestinal obstruction (partial or complete);
  • weakness;
  • Vomiting
  • weight Loss;
  • Anemia.

There are a couple of factors that can adversely affect the human body as well as trigger the development of cancer of the intestine. These include:

  • Heredity; the
  • Age;
  • Smoking;
  • Frequent colitis;
  • vitamin deficiencies;
  • Improper diet;
  • Frequent constipation.

If the person had these symptoms, it may be referred to a blood test in order to identify the cause of such violations.


types of blood tests, which are rented for bowel cancer

in Order to identify whether a person has cancer of the bowel, need to do a few blood tests. Among them:

  1. Analysis for tumor markers. The proteins are called tumor markers that are the product of vital functions of cancer cells. They appear only when the human body develops cancer. And in a healthy person - tumor markers will not be detected;
  2. Clinical (General) blood. It is prescribed for almost all patients. In the case of colon cancer, thanks to this analysis it is possible to see anemia, indicating bleeding from a cancerous tumor that formed in the intestines;
  3. Biochemical analysis. This analysis pass, not only for suspected malignant tumor of the intestine, and also in the majority of diseases.

separately, the analyses are unlikely to be able to say something specific, but together, the doctor comparing the received results can accurately identify the presence and location of cancer cells. Sometimes, in order to obtain the most reliable results, you have to retake the tests a couple of times.

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