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Royal Jelly

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The yellowish-white liquid, so it looks like royal jelly, which is the secret of normal pharyngeal glands of the bees. In this case, royal jellyabout often is one of is biological active substances in combination with various other bee products combine the most natural and quite a positive effect on the entire human body. It has amino acids, which are essential in the formation of an ordinary young body, so it is useful for young children.Growth factors that are composed of royal jelly, as well as mineral salts and hormones help strengthen bones and the growth of the organism as a whole. Royal jelly is much higher than normal cow's milk in their usefulness to the body. After all bee larvae swim in the royal jelly, which means that it has just all the necessary materials forgrowth.
Apilak (jelly) is a very good antiseptic, metabolic processes in the tissues normalizes, in making him a multivitamin and poly hormonal effects on the body occurs in use. mozhnl at any pharmacy. Exhaustion aftere disease can be easily removed by means of royal jelly, which also has a positive effect on cardiovascular disease, tuberculosis, hypertension, gastrointestinal tract, brucellosis, atherosclerosis. At oncological diseases can also be used royal jelly in their characteristics.
Also, royal jelly is a common component in the manufacture of drugs in gerontology. Burst of energy, increased appetite, blood pressure becomes normal after the elderly administered these drugs.
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