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The main varieties of dental implants

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As time has shown, is a universal method of prosthetics, which is very effective in the absence of the 1, 2 or all teeth. Next, we consider the main types of dental implants.


varieties of dental implants:

  • Root. These are the most common dental implants used in 90 percent of all cases, because outwardly they strongly resemble the root of a tooth – i.e. there is a natural replacement and an exact representation of a remote tooth root. They are one - and two-part;
  • Mini. This tapered standard design has a small size. However the indications for their use are different: basically, these implants are used when  you cannot fix the standard-sized implants or removable structures necessary to give additional support;
  • Lamellar or plate. These implants are used when a person is so bone thin that the standard of design in it to fix is just not possible. These implants need to ensure a greater number of points of support directly to the basal parts of the bone tissue. Today, similar designs are almost not used because of the strong injury of bone and soft tissue, high risk of implant rejection and the reliability of the constructs directly at a huge chewing loads;
  • Endodontic stable. In fact it's nothing more than the pins that are installed in the damaged root of the tooth. Their primary vocation is the prolongation of life and strengthening natural teeth;
  • Subperiosteal. Externally this is the most interesting implants – some patients and doctors say that they are similar to the openwork net. They are very flexible and thin, but unlike standard implants they are fixed between the gum and the bone, not in bone. Data implants are recommended for people with very thin bone;
  • Vnutrisosudistye. This is the design that got fixed in the gum and not the bone. They are used to support dentures but superficially they resemble ordinary clothing button. The locking system is provided in the following way: 1-on the part of the holder is mounted on the prosthesis, and the other – under the gum.

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