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Why darken teeth: 12 key reasons

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the man with the white teeth and an open smile immediately likable and attracts the attention of others. So many people dream of becoming owners of the same healthy and white teeth. Why are we so often faced with the blackening or darkening of the teeth, how as adults and as children? The question we try to answer chief editor of the portal where you can read a lot of interesting information about .


Main causes darkening of teeth:

  1. poor hygiene, which in turn leads to the accumulation of plaque, which consists of food debris and bacteria directly on the surface of the teeth;
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  3. dental Caries, as a consequence of the abuse of sweets and poor hygiene. Demineralization of hard dental tissues directly under the action of the caries process leads to stains on the enamel surface and to change the optical density of the teeth;
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  5. Very frequent use of the following products: black tea, coffee, wine, herbal infusions, juices and berries a purple color that contain food dyes, synthetic, or natural origin;
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  7. Smoking. From smokers teeth initially becomes yellow and then dark brown;
  8. the
  9. Abrasion;
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  11. Trauma to the teeth may cause them darkening as a direct result of damage to the neurovascular bundle. Tooth immediately changes its color through contact with hemoglobin directly in the tooth cavity, and then it darkens even more because of tissue breakdown;
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  13. inadequate Endodontic treatment. The tooth may also change color under the influence of certain substances, which are part of the filling material for tooth roots;
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  15. Also painting the inside of a tooth can cause the intake of certain medicines (e.g. tetracycline);
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  17. Also darken teeth and such diseases as endemic fluorosis encountered in regions where drinking water exceedances of fluoride;
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  19. Staining of teeth also occurs in certain hereditary and systemic diseases;
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  21. Also, teeth darken and even blacken, if a person has metal fillings (silver amalgam);
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  23. To darken the teeth and change their structure and form inevitably leads aging.

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