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became an independent branch of prosthodontics, despite its difficult way from the usual developmentas well as any branch of medicine. But it is imperative to note the definition of the steps that show the progress of this section as prosthetic dentistry. It is quite an important branch of dentistry and therefore its study of novice student must devote a lot of time. Now almost all dental clinics in Moscow andother regions of the Russian Federation provide orthopedic services.

Basic science made it possible to develop more medicine and industry, but with orthopedic dentistry treatment strategy is the foundation of integrity and   violations of their functionality in the dentition, with   This can ExecuMechano zovatsya usually means, namely tires, prostheses, regulating devices. Now dentists just do not eat the prosthesis, and try to go through therapy to restore the previous natural qualities of the jaw or related diseases, with such therapy can replace the prosthesis, although not in all cases it Prochozhdeniya. But the problem is not very easy and it is much easier to diagnose it in advance and carry out prevention of such violations.

Sanitation often combines prevention and treatment system as the teeth and jaws, so sanitation is precisely the task of leading dentists in general. After all, directly on the state of our teeth dependenceso our   enjoyment of life in general. When we have healthy teeth, you can taste of exotic dishes while constantly open something new for yourself. So you need 2 times a year to visit the dentist and listen to all his advice, you observe them too sure.

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