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Attic in ordinary houses

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At first, the first settlers, and eventually less wealthys owners, used the attic ordinary houses and outbuildings as simply an additional amount of hardware.
attic floors or often staged in wood, Trimmer. The span between conventional bearing walls rarely exceed 4-4.5 m, which is close to the optimum for the hardwood floor. Cross-section beams 18x18 cmin increments of 1.2 m ~ 1.5 m. The gap between the bars filled dilyamy (staves that were wrapped around adobe), which are inserted into grooves carved into the floor joists. This design proved to be robust and efficient.

This is quite a constructive solution was robust enough and as reliable as lofts became dostatfull-time intensive use. In addition, in attics, chimneys extensions are special chambers for smoking -koptilni soft meat products. The cells were equipped dvertsyatami and special hooks for hanging these products. Therefore, so smokehouses needed easy access.

Using this loft as an economicWell, the colonists for the comfort of lifting it fixed ladders.   Performed on the wooden stairs kosour with wide, comfortable steps and a rather broad flight of stairs (0.8 m). An important point in the use of attic space was natural light. In svya connection in all homes Germans - Colonists in the gables arranged small windows, well-lit attic. The tendency of gradual increase in the number of windows in the gables and increase their size to the parameters of the windows of the main living rooms of the ground floor.

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