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How coding helps to get rid of alcohol?

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0 2021

binge Drinking is an economic and health problem, which is why this disease we have to fight the mandatory. And effective tool in this case is the encoding. That's what we're going to talk further and tell us about this employee organization, counselling psychotherapy, psychological, substance abuse, mental health, "insight", in which you can go .


What is the coding from alcohol?

Under the encoding implies a psychological impact on the alcoholic, in which it is suggested the ban on alcohol.

in the early 50s of the 20th century. started trying different methods, aimed at developing an aversion to alcohol. The notion of “coded” was introduced into medical practice in 80 years of doctor Alexander Dovzhenko, who inspired his patients with a strong fear of alcohol, and not introduced in the body of alcoholics no drugs.

Now the encoding is to a different technique to get rid of alcoholism.


Today there are methods of coding from alcoholism:

  • a Variety of psychotherapeutic manipulations acting on the human subconscious;
  • Intake of chemical drugs.

At the heart of any encoding is the fear of alcohol use. The man is suggested that the use of alcohol will lead to death. Alcoholic breaches this may face different mental disorders. Directly after the coding some patients may experience a certain psychological discomfort. If they want to drink in order to alleviate their suffering, but to do it categorically it is impossible.



Remember that encoding forbids to drink alcohol, but does not eliminate the reasons that led to alcoholism. Therefore, after coding, it is very important to identify what affects a person's desire to drink. Then it will be necessary to consult an experienced psychologist who can provide alcoholic installations that focused on the joy of sobriety.

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