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Can the heating to be economical?

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the Issue of heating your own home is important for all people without exception. 1 of the answers to this question can be an apartment or a house, that is, the application of a heating appliance to produce heat. Certain representatives of these devices are familiar to almost everyone.

Today is very difficult to find an apartment or house, which would not have portable electric heaters, radiators, heaters, heaters. In the majority of cases they are used as a backup source of heat. All people know that they “pull” a lot of electricity and, as a consequence, their use as a primary heat source "will result in the penny”.

this raises a logical question: "Why nyone from all sides trumpeting about economical electric heating and can modern electric heating system to heat the housing for an affordable price?".
in Order to answer these questions, first of all, we need to meet  the most common today is an electric heat source.


Today for heating homes with electricity is often used:

  1. Boilers. You can connect them to existing and new water heating systems and heat water in them by means of electric energy;
  2. electric Radiators. In all devices of this type has its own Autonomous heating element, the heating fluid which, in turn, acts as a heat carrier;
  3. Heaters. They are the true "generators" of the warm air directly into the heated room;
  4. Electric. If you believe the advertising, it is a very economical source of heat;
  5. Infrared heaters. These devices can heat a person even on the street;
  6. System "warm floor". This is an analogue Vodianova floor, only running on electricity;
  7. Electric. This combination of warmth and the illusion of live fire in your home.

So how to understand whether electric heating is economical or not?

simply for your particular area to calculate the need for heating electrical power. It is for this need and it will be possible to assess whether it is economical heating homes with electricity.

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