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What is spondylarthrosis

September 30 2014

- a degenerative joint disease of the spine. The disease is referred to as takzhe facet arthropathy, and is a form of another disease - osteoarthritis, striking facet (intervertebral) joints. Like any dystrophic diseases of joints, spondylarthrosis begins with cartilage, which is thinner, loses its elasticity. Changes on the bag SOLD joint and adjacent bone tissue to formdue to bone spurs.

The causes of the disease

Spondylarthrosis may develop due to congenital anomalies of the spine, trauma and microtrauma, turning into a chronic form. Violation of posture and metabolism, directly affects the properties of cartilage, also "helps" him the appearanceNIJ.

Development of the disease contribute to and accelerate the "wrong" exercise: whether it is static, causing excessive overload of the spine, sedentary sedentary work ("the scourge of our generation" office workers), whether long
physical in professional sports. Spondylarthrosismanifested by pain and limited mobility of the affected area of ??the spine.

There are the following types of spondylarthrosis:
- lyumboartroz (defeat lumbar) - the most extended ones in percentage. Characteristic have chronic aching pain in the back and lumbar region, extending to the buttock and thigh aboutt he area;
- tservikoartroz (the cervical lesion) - at the same time concerned about pain patients in the neck, shoulder girdle, and occipital interscapular obasti;
- dorsartroz (defeat thoracic) - detectable rarest subspecies, due to structural features of the organism .

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