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The effect of smoking on the blood vessels

September 29 2014

Scientists in Canada conducted a study and found a man. In the experiment pouchavstvovat1000 smokers who have had a stroke. As a result of the study, researchers found that smoking causes the formation of cholesterol plaques, and as a result increases the likelihood of a blood clot separation, that is - of ischemic stroke. Furthermore,   4-fold increase in the probability of rupture of the vessels, and the result is a brain hemorrhage.

Let's take a closer look at what processes can cause a stroke in a smoker. Firstly, it is cigarette smoke, which is a sea of ??toxic substances that enter the lungs, then absorbed into the bloodstream and are carried through the arteries throughout the body, including the heart and brain. Toxins, in turn, interact with plateletsand change their properties as a result: there are blood clots in the arteries. So, at some point in our arteries are clogged, blood clots occur as a result of: the brain and the heart does not receive enough oxygen in the blood, which in consequence over time will lead to a stroke.

If the person continues to smoke suffered a stroke - the risk of restroke increases 10-fold! And not one doctor does not give a guarantee that the 2nd stroke will not be the last.

Nicotine has a negative effect on the operation of the vascular system and, in particular, the heart. Because nicotine adrenal secrete hormones that cause vasospasms. Also, increased blood pressure, which in turn causes the cerdtse work harder and expend more energy to force blood through the vessels Motor. In general, active smoking brings great damage to the vessels.

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