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What is alcoholic psychosis

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alcoholic psychosis called mental impairment of the human brain at stages 2 and 3 of alcoholism. Can distinguish among:

  • alcohol depression;
  • alcoholic encephalopathy;
  • alcohol psevdoparalich;
  • precipitates a psychosis;
  • delirium tremens (delirium tremens);
  • delusional alcoholic psychoses;
  • hallucinosis;
  • hemorrhagic polientsefalit;
  • dipsomaniyu.

According to the clinical manifestations of alcoholic psychoses differ. They do not develop underthe influence of alcohol, and under the influence of the products of disturbed metabolism and decomposition products of alcohol. So, delirium and hallucinations often occur not during the binge, when the body is filled with toxins, and at a very rapid decline in the level of alcohol in the blood (during withdrawal).

Alcoholic psychoses are the result of alcoholismma. For example, even with large doses of alcohol in men who drink but not to eat alcoholics not appear like psychoses. Very often alcoholic psychosis precede or mental stress or acute infection, or injury. They, in turn, provoke the development of psychotic reactions of the nervous system of an alcoholic patient.

alcoholic psychosis can take many forms: acute, chronic, subacute, and others.   27% of all psychoses — chronic and subacute, and 45% – sharp. In the case where psychosis is repeated - it often develops at the same scenario as the previous one, although it is complicated for. The patient during alcoholic psychosis WMSbut watch the psycho-organic disorders and severe violations reflection of reality. So alcoholic psychosis can be found in 13% of cases among alcoholics with the experience of 5 - 7 years.

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