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Bath and its variants

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Bath can though not everything, but is capable of much. Due to increased sweating, stimulating blood circulationNotices and respiration, autonomic and central nervous system, improves metabolism, which promotes the excretion of metabolic products and toxins from the suffering of the body that every man after numerous holidays accumulated so much that without outside help the body simply is not able to cope with them. By the way you can on the

Every country in the world has its own bath tradition. In Russian bath a relatively low temperature – 45-60 and high humidity – 75-100%. After high humidity and heat hindered the evaporation of sweat from the skin surface, so performs better in the saunas 10-15 minutes even if you are prepared.

Finnish sauna or bath- along with Arabic, Turkish and Roman baths refers to dry air. The peculiarity of this bath - a combination of low humidity (10 - 25%) with a high temperature (70 - 100 C), which is why people tolerate it more comfortable than a Russian bath.

Turkish Bath is the successor of the term. Before entering the steam room has a special room to warm up. In most steam heated floor, and thus ensures a uniform temperature throughout the room. In Hamman temperature is the same as in the sauna (70 - 100 C). Also in the Turkish bath opened to drink coffee.

of Japannskaya Bath is to a large wooden barrel filled with water medium « & raquo ;, goryachesti and under it is a stove. To ensure that the body is fully immersed in water in the barrel has seat. Sessions for 5 minutes.

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