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Powdered milk

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> is one of infant foods and are used for artificial and mixed corestraightening babies first year of life. The composition of the milk mixture is chosen in such a way as to fully meet the needs of child nutrition. The use of mixtures for feeding babies first year of life due to a number of objective reasons why it is not possible breast-feeding, such as: insufficient vyrabatyvaemogof milk or its absence in the mother; allergy or lactose deficiency in a child.

In addition, our "rapid" time when many mothers in the pursuit of a career in the heat or in fashion, deliberately refuse to breast-feeding in favor of artificial mixtures. Of course, breast milk - it is, the factcally, the main and most important component of infant feeding. Contained in mother's milk antibodies and hormones necessary for the full development of the body of the child and the formation of his immunity, are not present in infant formulas, but, if so, there are real contraindications, then no mixtures can not do. The first mixture were created in the XIX centurye-known pharmacist Henry

Nestle, by the way, the founder of the now world-famous and the world's largest food manufacturer "Nestle". Range of mixtures is quite wide, to cover the needs of different age groups. There is a mixture of children who do not have health problems, and specialized, givenguides disease or intolerance of certain food components. Various mixtures and their composition. The basis of a cow or goat milk, soy isolate.

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