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Minecraft: the story of the creation

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Game Minecraft saw the light 10.06.2009 g, and it was created by Markus Persson (better known online as Notch). Oddly enough, but originally, Minecraft was just blocks of cobblestones and earth. A little later was added a couple of blocks of leaves, wood, etc.

Originally the game was called CaveGame that lasted very long and eventually the game was renamed Minecraft. By the way, you can play different versions

closer to 2010 Minecraft transformed into a network game. But the joy was a little girl, with a huge number of bugs, but gamers enjoyed it, because it was something completely new. People were bored playing repetitive shooters, but in Minecraft don't shoot! The idea of building small towns on the servers, people liked it.

On this Markus Persson has not stopped all the time and rigged the game. So, in 2010, he added 2 new dynamic block: Lava and Water, although they had discovered a bug, which in turn was fixed in the new version of Minecraft.

About a month later, Mr Persson added mode "Survival" and the first mobs. So, 1 of the mobs are zombies, and Skeleton, and in the mode of "Survival" was the scale of hunger and health, which has not changed to this day.

17.11.2011. introduced a completely new version of Minecraft PE on smartphones Sony Ericsson. With this version of the game was much more of a problem because at that time phones were still very weak and, as a result, the quality of the game design was very difficult.

Inventory blocks in this version of Minecraft updated and up to today, as new versions are released.

And only in 2014 Minecraft PE stepped to a whole new level. The game engine has changed significantly. The game began to be generated infinitely.

unexpectedly, in the history of the game Minecraft broke bill gates bought the company Mojang for 2,500,000,000. However this did not significantly affect the game itself, but in the world of computer games - it was a powerful event.

after 6 months the new version of the game Minecraft 0.10.0 with a modified engine, which showed 60 fps (the old version squeezed max 40 fps). It was still soft added the new Shader lighting.

by the Way, Minecraft has not spent any of the 1st cent on the PR, and today, the world is probably no man who has not heard about this game.

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