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Electronic cigarette: the main advantages

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This article is dedicated to those people who don't know whether to move on or continue to smoke regular cigarettes. The answer is unequivocal: "of Course I should!". And why we will consider next.

We will not compare a regular cigarette to electronic, but just let's talk about its advantages.


Main "+" of the electronic cigarette:

  • Health. For anybody not a secret that in electronic cigarettes the only harmful substance is nicotine, however its content is very small in order to greatly worsen the health of the smoker, but for the most Bereznik release of fluid Smoking without nicotine (as in the composition of these fluids includes only food additives that are permitted in all countries);
  • Savings. On average, the electronic cigarette is 250 UAH. Add to this price the cost of liquid for this product. Bottle of 10 ml cost 25 UAH you will have enough min for 6 days. Consider: if you smoke 1 pack a day, then in a month you smoke 30 cigarettes less (the cost of which increases each year). In the case of electronic cigarette you need 1 replacement for vaporizer clearomizer, which will cost somewhere in the 50 UAH, and 5 liquids for Smoking (100 UAH). Ultimately, the cost of electronic cigarette in the month will be around 150 UAH, whereas in conventional cigarette: 300 - 600 UAH;
  • No injunction. Know that electronic cigarettes are not banned, that is why you can smoke them anywhere: on the subway, at home, at work and on the street;
  • No fragrance. E-cigarette vapor leaves no smell neither in the room nor on your toes, and most importantly, 100% excludes the effect of passive Smoking, which have regular cigarettes;
  • White teeth. We all know how our teeth sensitive to smoke, but in the case with the electronic cigarette this is not observed and teeth
  • retain its natural color;
  • Hookah. Now in the world almost no people who are indifferent to the hookah, and electronic cigarette is nothing but a mini hookah in your pocket;
  • a Variety of flavors. Today, for the same price there are a lot of flavors (cigarette, fruity, refreshing, tastes for real eksperementatory and gourmets, etc.);
  • Convenience. All component parts of electronic cigarettes are very easy to change.

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