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What are the types of dental prosthetics

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today, the denture teeth is the Foundation of prosthodontics. And though podiatrists are not purely dental prostheses, it is this branch of dentistry is the most popular and actively continues to improve, attracting the most modern achievements of science, technology, and materials. Next, we consider the main and tell us about them, employee dental clinic “Sculptures” on the site that you can see the price of this procedure in Ufa.


Main types of dental prosthetics:

  • Removable. Now a removable prosthesis is very different from yesterday, as technology and materials, and aesthetics of the designs. And if «dentures in a glass” was just afraid that now he refers to the most common and very convenient designs;
  • Bridge. These are prosthetic, hanging, leaning on the bridge supports, which, in turn, have the form of teeth seedsbuy with defective teeth;
  • Conditionally removable. There are 2 Islands of the prosthesis. One of them is related to bridge prosthesis, because the prosthesis is attached spec. locks either glued to the adjacent teeth. The 2nd kind – special screws (implants root), which directly and “screwed” denture;
  • Fixed. Such dentures are very popular among middle-aged people, because the loss of a single tooth, this method gives the possibility of relatively cheap and efficient enough to restore the human dentition, and as a result, normal chewing function, and appearance of the dentition;
  • Clasp. Actually, with a clasp called arc, therefore this type of prosthesis-this procedure is for restoring teeth with curved structures;
  • micro-prosthetics. This is nothing but restoration of tooth structure with internal. dentures (tabs) and veneers (onlays). This is a very promising field of prosthodontics that develops at the junction with orthodontic and therapeutic ways. Essentially this is not a prosthetics and restoration, i.e. the restoration of partial tooth loss.

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