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As the human health dependence on its lifestyle?

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a Healthy lifestyle (HLS) – is a complex concept, which includes a huge number of components, ranging from emotional mood and ending with food. HLS – is a method of life, which aims to radically change the previous habits concerning rest, exercise regimen and food.

the Relevance of the HLS is due to the changing and increasing nature of the loads on the human body in connection with the complexity of social structure, as well as increase risks of ecological and technogenic character. In this situation care about the health and well-being of the individual associated with the preservation and survival of the human species.

to Explain in a few words what is simply impossible. According to the official definition, the HLS - this is a way of life that is aimed at disease prevention and health promotion. Supporters of the HLS as a sociological and philosophical movement consider this concept as a component of public life and the global problem. There are also other aspects (biomedical, psycho-pedagogical) this concept, but between them there is no sharp distinction, because they all decide 1 well task, namely improving the health of a particular individual.

Doctors believe that health 50% depends on his lifestyle, other factors of influence are:

  • the genetic base – 20%.
  • environment & ndash; 20%.
  • the level of health care – 10%.

the Necessary conditions and prerequisites for healthy lifestyles:

  • the Achievement of active longevity;
  • Full-fledged development of the most different sides of life;
  • the Active participation of people of all ages in family, work and social activities.

Interest in this topic appeared relatively recently (in the seventies of the 20th century) and was directly associated with:

  • global change of the environment of the human habitat;
  • the increase in life expectancy;
  • change modern man's lifestyle;
  • increasing the impact of environmental factors on human health.

the lifestyle of modern man has become less agile, he began to consume large quantities of food, and he had a lot more free time. And the speed of life, while significantly increased, and this, in turn, increased the number of stress factors. Experts in medicine have noted that from year to year an increasing number of hereditary diseases. In this regard, a very topical becomes the question of how to stay healthy (physically and spiritually) and live actively and long. Here comes to the aid of a healthy lifestyle!

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