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Sunglasses: How to choose?

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Scientists have been proven to harm the bright sun to the eye, especially in the summer when it is most intense. In order to protect your eyes, need to wear sunglasses. Next, we'll talk about how to choose these glasses and tell us about this employee online store where you can buy .


5-five tips on how to choose sunglasses:

  • Glass vs plastic. Be aware that high darkening lenses is not synonymous with quality. For example, inexpensive glasses with dark lenses from China, purchased in transit or on the market are 100% useless and moreover they also injure eyes. Remember that the pupil dilates behind dark glasses and through it passes more light. Lenses over glass delay of UV radiation, but not 100 %. But if your budget is limited, then the sunglasses with glass lenses are just the best option. Polycarbonate lenses hold UV rays of the types b and A. Remember that high - quality plastic- more expensive than any glass, it never breaks, never calls for a careful treatment, since the surface of such lenses very quickly gets scratched;
  • Liner. Quality sunglasses can be purchased not only in optics but also in tourist shops. They must all have the label and the liner, wherein the conditions for their use (on the beach, in town, etc.), as well as the level of protection from solar radiation. In total there are 5-th five categories of filters with different levels of protection;
  • Photochromic vs polarized. Reliable eye protection from the sun provide polarized lenses that block the light reflection from different surfaces. Ophthalmologists recommend these glasses to those people that underwent a surgical operation on the eyes or suffer from photophobia. And photochromic lenses, in turn, are used in points-chameleons. These lenses are suitable for those people who all the time go out from the room and back. However they have one drawback - the lens very quickly wear out;
  • Large vs. small. If we talk about the size of the glasses, then the most correct will be the model with the big glasses that make us look like skier or a dragonfly. These glasses not only protect eyes but also the skin where the result of the action of ultraviolet light appear “crow”. But from the little points that are very bad and cover their eyes, will be of little use;
  • lens Colour. Remember that the ideal is a lens of brown, gray or green colors and their shades. These glasses have a beneficial effect on vision, better absorb the radiation and less distorted colors. Blue, red, pink and orange, though they look eccentric, but they tire the eye.

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