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How to remove permanent tattoo (makeup)?

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Remember: before you carry out permanent makeup on your face, you need to think carefully and know 100% how the future will behave figure how to change the color of this picture, and also what is the duration of the complete release of the pigment. Remember that permanent tattoo is a long lasting kind of makeup, that is why the choice of shapes and colors need to be absolutely certain, because today "eraser", which, in case of bad make-up, will be able to erase.

If still permanent tattoo (makeup) was done poorly, there are 2 Islands of the method of removing it:

  • Neodymium laser (laser neodymuim);
  • Tattoo Remover (tattoo very disappointed).

Neodymium laser vs Tattoo Remover

You sprosta: "what's the difference between these 2 ways?". Answer. For example, you did permanent eyebrow tattoo, but the result is not arranged. In this case, would be the perfect option because the laser removes the pigment through its destruction directly inside your body. That is, the laser beam passing through the skin layers, transforms the molecules of pigment directly into the small dust fraction, which subsequently enters the blood stream and lymphatic system and naturally excreted from the human body.

TATTOO very disappointed in turn, removes the pigment directly through the superficial layers of the skin. That is, the upper layers of the epidermis razrushayutsya mechanical, then particles Tattoo Remover (which, by the way, very related to its chemical. the composition of the molecules of the pigment), slivayutsya with pigment and display it on the surface of human skin, forming a dense crust. When you use Tattoo Remover is more profound damage to the human skin, so it heals need a very long time.



Now, the laser equipment allows to achieve excellent results and allows the client in the future to correct the shape of the pattern and create a more correct color, thus creating the most natural way.

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