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Who needs psychological help?

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experts in the field of psychologists say that the psychological climate in Russia is more tense than in the US and the EU. According to the observations of a huge number of foreigners - Russians are unfriendly. For example, a lot of unmotivated aggression on our roads, and the metro is almost inevitable stress directly in "communication" with passengers.
You ask: "Why?". Tretyakov Inna Lvovna says that the reason lies directly in the fact that in Russia the services of professional psychologists uses only a small group of people, and all the other people keeping everything to yourself. They believe that, it is not necessary to make litters out of the house. Also affected by the fact that in the Soviet time, psychology as a science has been forgotten, which is why about any psychological help for a long time could not be considered.

In the advanced EU countries and also the USA a visit to a professional psychologist is perceived by people as an important element of the social. well-being and is a very popular service. To Western traditions you can be different, but it is obvious that the Americans are 1 of the most successful in terms of social behaviour and an important role was played by the psychologists.

this leads to the conclusion that a visit to a therapist / psychologist is nothing more than:

  • working in personal social success;
  • taking care of yourself;
  • the highly qualified help of a professional expert with special knowledge and skills.

Psychological help makes it possible to solve rare and common issues directly facing us in everyday life.


What is the problem?

the 1st and foremost, is the realization and positioning in society. Next come the problems of role interactions ("Boss-Subordinate", "Husband-wife, Parent-Child") and the internal role of the problem ("Addiction", "Codependency", "Personality-Success", "Personality Illness").

counseling is important when a person is manipulated, he is faced with nasolabial their emotions and dilemma "the love betrayal", has problems recurring unpleasant emotions or actions, trying to change their lives and facing lots of difficulties. Also not superfluous will be psychological help and the difficulties of growing up and the challenges of caring from my parents ' home.

counselling will help the person to answer the following pressing question: finding happiness, ability to enjoy their life and discovering their own sensuality.

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